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Concepts and their names

An collection is a set of feeds that are shared among peers.

A feed is an append-only log of records. Each feed is only writable from a single device.

A record is a unit of data. Each record has a type, a ref and a value.

A ref is a unique string that identifies an entity - a set of records that together describe the same thing.

Let's say you upload a picture from your last holidays. This might lead to a few records being created, all sharing the same ref, but with different types: A file record that stores where to find that file, an image record that has image-specific metadata (e.g. which which camera the picture was taken). Maybe you also want to add a description and tags to your image, which would mean another record with the same ref but different types.

A type is a string that defines how to understand the value of records with this type. Types are stored in Sonar as records of type sonar.schema. The schema describes how to validate, index, and display records of this type.

  • If a type contain a dot, the type name is considered to be well-defined. That means they are usually part of the source code of an app or a bot. They should be namespaced by org and/or project name to avoid conflicts.
  • If a type does not contain a dot, it will internally be prefixed with the collection key.
  • A type is versioned. When creating new records, the current version is appended to the type.

After being saved, a record also has a version property, identifying the storage location of this particular version of the record. It also has an lseq property, which is this record version's sequence number in the local collection log.


// We're on collection with key d78a7e3a.
const ref = await db.put({
type: 'article',
value: { title: 'Hello world' }
const record = await db.get({ ref, type: 'article' })
// Result:
type: 'd78a7e3a.article@1',
ref: 'k3ciaosof',
value: { title: 'Hello world '},
version: '8h54e33e@5',
lseq: 62

An file record is a record that describes a file stored in a collection and has type sonar.file.

const fileRecord = {
type: 'sonar.file',
ref: 'c8a9sjchja7sdfao8s8d7faos',
value: {
filename: 'foo.jpg',
mimetype: 'image/jpeg',
contentUrl: 'hyper://keyofdrive/path/to/foo.jpg'